Watching Raindrops

Sitting in a meeting today, my chair facing the windows that overlook the courtyard, I watched the rain.

I like the way the raindrops dot the window. I’ve always found it somewhat fascinating to watch as a single drop trails from top to bottom. The way it wanders and twists, pauses, speeds ahead, grabs other drops, grows…

It’s funny, I find beauty in the unpredictable path of a raindrop and yet I often struggle with the unpredictable things in my own life.

Driving home I thought about the prayer I had whispered in the car that very morning. I had talked to God about all the unknowns ahead. About how many times I’ve felt like plans were all falling into place only for something to come in and throw things off kilter. About how confusing it can be to know what to do next.

And then I realized how many times I had spoken the word “my”. My plans. My hopes. My thoughts. But what if I replaced each of those with a “Your” instead? Your plans. Your hopes. Your thoughts.

How easily I get caught up in myself when I should be resting in Him. watchingraindrops

I don’t need to have every plan in place. I don’t need to know all the answers to each question that presents itself. I do need to seek and trust in the God who holds my life in His hands.

And while it may be hard for me sometimes, not knowing what’s ahead, I will strive to rest in Him.

As my wipers pushed the raindrops to the edges of the windshield I thought again about the beauty of the unpredictable trails they trace. May my life be just the same… unpredictable in my eyes but beautiful just the same.







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