No Straddling Fences Here

I've kept quiet in the midst of everything going on this past month, mainly due to my personal preference for avoiding politics on social media. But over the weekend, while listening to a mix of old Newsboys albums, I felt a nudge to break my silence. The lyrics of the song "Going Public"  stuck in … Continue reading No Straddling Fences Here

We are the Church

I've been thinking about church a lot lately; how strange it will feel not to be there tomorrow. But as I considered celebrating Resurrection Sunday without being able to gather together, an encouraging thought came to mind. We are the church. Yes, church is a building. And I will miss being there tomorrow. But the … Continue reading We are the Church

Even If

Recently I found the classic VeggieTales movie Rack, Shack and Benny to watch with Natalie for the first time. While I nostalgically sang along with tunes I hadn't heard in years, Natalie anxiously half-covered her eyes with her hands. "I don't want to see the fire," she pleaded. She has learned the real story of … Continue reading Even If