Extra, Extra Read All About It

Linking up today for another Five Minute Friday! Timer is set and here we go…

I feel like we’re bombarded with news these days. Bad news, political news, news about celebrities and all the supposed things they’re doing.

There are so many sources of information that it can become overwhelming. With social media, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc. we are constantly exposed to some message of some sort.

Sometimes I think we get so overloaded with all of this information that we become numb to the kind of news that really matters.

The kind of news that is shared around the dinner table with the ones we love.

The kind of news that comes across the phone in a conversation with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

The kind of news that sinks deep into your soul when the Bible is open on your lap and your heart is quiet.

That’s the kind of news I need more of! Let’s pursue that kind of news today!



4 thoughts on “Extra, Extra Read All About It

  1. Sabrina Houser says:

    Ah, this was a great read. YES! We do become numb to the news that matters because we are so wrapped in the 24-7 of what does not matter. The news around the dinner table is all we need to hear. Your FMF neighbor #30.


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