Under His Wings (Ruth, Part 2 of 4)

Read: Ruth 2

There is so much to gather from this chapter… the hard work ethic Ruth demonstrates, the way the harvest was set up to help provide for those in need, the first meeting of Ruth and Boaz… but there are two main things I want to focus in on today.

Note that our character matters, even in the every day stuff. As a foreigner and a widow Ruth occupied a humble place in society, and yet Boaz had heard of all that she had done for Naomi and this helped her find favor in his sight (v 11).

Also, throughout this book it is clear that God is at work, even in the seemingly insignificant things. For example, of all the places Ruth could have picked to glean, “she happened to come” to the field that Boaz, the family member and kinsman redeemer, owned (v 3).

Not only is God at work, but He is also the one who provides all we need if we seek refuge under His wings.


What does your character in your day to day life look like? Would the reports given of you reflect favorably or do your actions not always match the faith you claim?

Is there something in your past that seemed insignificant at the time but looking back you can see was clearly used by God?

Think about that picture of God sheltering you under His wings, just as a mother bird covers her chicks to protect them from harm. Where do you seek refuge? Is it there, under His wings, or somewhere else?

Remember: “May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.” Ruth 2:12

where you go I will go, your people shall be my people



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