Fruit of the Spirit – Bible Study for Kids

As we’ve been adjusting to new routines and this whole “social distancing/quarantine” thing, one of the positives I’ve noticed is the chance to dedicate some of what would typically be the school day to Bible study. Next week I’m going to be working through the Fruit of the Spirit with Natalie and I wanted to share the study I developed if anyone else would like to use it with their families!

While I was preparing this I couldn’t help noticing how much I needed the reminder of these traits myself. I could easily recite (or more likely sing!) Galatians 5:22-23 if you asked; but when I look closely at myself, I know I don’t always live out those character traits in day to day life. This past week has made that clear!

I’ve snapped when I should have responded with patience and self-control. I’ve worried when I should have turned to Christ for peace. I’ve dwelt on the things we’re missing out on and let it bring me down instead of choosing joy.

So as I tackle these fruits of the Spirit with Natalie this week, I’ll be focusing on showing them in my life as well!


Below you’ll find a PDF to print with the lesson materials. The five-day study focuses on one or two fruits of the Spirit each day, with Bible reading, application, activities, and prayer prompts.

Click here to access the study: Fruit of the Spirit

I hope you’ll join us! Let’s make the most of the extra time we have and dive into the Word with our kids!


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