What the Disciples Saw

This month our Little Disciples will have a chance to look back at what the real disciples experienced as they walked alongside Jesus here on earth. We’ll explore four miracles of Jesus, imagining we’re walking beside Him as we learn from the miracles He did.

As in the past, we’ll be using the “RAMP up” method with prompts to read, apply, make it stick, and pray, as well as weekly memory verses in an easy to print and cut format. This month your kids can look forward to a some building challenges, re-enacting a miracle (using toilet paper!), and baking a delicious loaf of bread!

I hope you’ll join us for this month’s study. Click the link below to download “What the Disciples Saw”. If you’re just joining us, you can also check back under Resources for Families to see all our past studies.

PS Stop back May 3rd for our next Little Disciples study – What Do I Do When…? Together we’ll explore what the Bible has to say about common challenges kids face.


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