Strawberries in the Rain

It's rainy today. As I sat rocking Hope before her nap, another rainy day came to mind. A day over two years ago now, in June of 2017. Today Hope and I made our weekly trip to the library and grocery store. It might seem like a normal, inconsequential thing to most, but I treasure … Continue reading Strawberries in the Rain

Moments to Treasure

They stand, side by side, at the easel. Footy pajamas, chalk grasped in little hands, colorful scribbles on the board. I peek at them from the kitchen, smiling silently, not wanting to disrupt the sweet sister moment. Eventually I creep in for a quick picture, then sneak back out and leave them to their art. … Continue reading Moments to Treasure

Even If

Recently I found the classic VeggieTales movie Rack, Shack and Benny to watch with Natalie for the first time. While I nostalgically sang along with tunes I hadn't heard in years, Natalie anxiously half-covered her eyes with her hands. "I don't want to see the fire," she pleaded. She has learned the real story of … Continue reading Even If