Let Me Just…

“Come play with me Mommy!”

“Let me just put these dishes away then I will.”

“Want to read books? Is that a good idea Mommy?”

“Let me just reply to this email real quick first.”

“I need some more milk Mommy.”

“Let me just carry this laundry upstairs then I’ll get it.”

Yesterday I caught myself starting far too many sentences with the same three words.

Let me just…

And although many of the things I needed to do were important, I was suddenly aware of how easily those words slipped out. An almost automatic response.

I’m not saying that I should immediately drop everything to do what Natalie asks or wants.  That wouldn’t be the right approach even if I could! I want her to learn patience and independence as she grows.

But there are times when I can drop everything for her. There are times when I do.

Countless dishes have sat on the counter longer than they should. Emails have gone unwritten and laundry baskets full of folded clothes have been known to sit in our family room for days.

It’s a balance, for her and for me. To learn when she needs to wait and when I need to rearrange my plans for her. To be honest, I much prefer tea parties and books over laundry and dishes anyway!

But those words yesterday got me thinking about something else… Do I ever approach my relationship with God in the same way?

How many times has my to do list come before my time with Him? How many times have much less important things stolen my attention?

“Let me just clean up the toys, make a snack, catch up on this TV show, get to bed a little early tonight…”

All the while I’m missing time with Him. Time to read the Word, pray, or simply be still.

Yes I have responsibilities to my family, my home, my job… but nothing is more important than my relationship with God.

It’s a balance, setting aside time to be alone with God while also taking care of the needs of day to day life. I definitely don’t have it all figured out. But I want to keep working on it. Thankfully, even when my time isn’t solely focused on Him, I know God is with me in everything I do.

So let me just pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17), even if that means while I drive to work or vacuum the living room.

Let me just sing hymns with Natalie before bed so we can share in the truths of His amazing grace together.

Let me just write Bible verses on the chalkboard to memorize so I can meditate on His Word day and night (Psalm 1:2).

And let me just be still in His presence whenever I can.





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