Who Can You Share With?

Linking up for another Five Minute Friday. The word for today is share. Timer is set, and here I go…

We’re taught what to share (or not share!) from a young age. Share your toys but don’t share germs.

We live in a culture today that tends to overshare, but what is shared is often at a surface level. Carefully edited photos and crafted words to portray the image we want. But then we keep other things to ourselves. The tougher real life stuff. Our fears, mistakes, struggles, weaknesses. Our hopes and dreams that feel out of reach.

I’m so thankful for the people that I can share the real me with. My family and some close friends who I can trust to be there for me and accept me and love me exactly as I am.

Those are the people I want to share my true heart with. Those are the people who can encourage and support and cheer me on.

Do you have someone you can share the real you with? I hope you do.

Better yet, do you know the God who you can share every little thing with? He already knows you and loves you exactly as you are. No perfect words, no edits required.




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