If You Had the Whole Day…

Linking up today for another Five Minute Friday! The word is whole and the timer is set for 5 minutes…

What would you do if you had the whole day to do whatever you wanted?

Natalie woke up early this morning, about 15 minutes before my alarm, and I brought her into bed with us. She cuddled up and fell back to sleep. I stared at her dark eyelashes against her rosy cheeks and relished the feel of her little hand tucked up against my neck.

If I had the whole day I would spend it with her.

And then my mom sent a (very timely) photo from a family vacation we took almost 5 years ago now. On an island, where it was sunny and warm, and the most important thing we had to decide was which beach to visit. My Dad and I built a sand lizard and we swam and read books under the shade of the trees.

If I had the whole day I would spend it outside somewhere warm and sunny.

Some days are better than others, that’s for sure, but still this day is a gift. And while I can’t make it somewhere warm and sunny today (it’s snowing outside!) and while I’m sitting at school as I type this missing my little girl, I will strive to make the most of each moment.

And I’ll look forward to tomorrow when I have another whole day to fill with new…

*Time is up!*



2 thoughts on “If You Had the Whole Day…

  1. Carly says:

    It’s a helpful perspective to see each day as a gift and to realise that, while we may not be able to do everything we want to, we do have choices about how to spend time each day and it’s important to make it count.


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