The Benefits of Weeding (And I Don’t Mean Your Yard)

As spring slowly makes it’s appearance around here I’ve noticed the weeds sprouting up alongside the newly blooming flowers. It reminded me of a post I shared on my previous blog last summer and I think it’s a topic worth re-visiting…

I would never claim to like weeding, but there are worse things.  I guess in my mind it’s an excuse to be outside while also being productive, as opposed to inside doing dishes (blah!).

While Natalie and I played outside yesterday I noticed how quickly the weeds are growing already. Spring has been slow to start this year and yet those weeds are popping up as fast as ever.

IMG_1410 (1)

So when the weather and time allows I’ll get to work pulling them out and cleaning things up. When it’s done the yard will look better and I will feel better. Accomplished. Refreshed.

And once again I’ll be reminded that I need to apply the same practice to my life. The truth is, there are plenty of weeds there that could be pulled up and tossed out too.

Weeds, in a garden and in life, take up space where they shouldn’t, choking out the good stuff that you want to cultivate. They make a mess of things and they spread quickly if you don’t make a conscious effort to clear them out.

For me those weeds come in various forms…

The stuff that clutters my space and makes it harder for me to take care of my home. Distractions that steal my time from more important things. Worries that crowd my mind and keep me from focusing on the here and now.

So it’s time for me to start weeding.

It won’t necessarily be easy and it will be an ongoing process. Just as the weeds in my yard pop up over and over, I don’t expect the weeds in my life to disappear with one attempt.  But I’m ready to put in the effort, because I long for that refreshed feeling that comes when the landscape is clear.

What about you? What weeds are growing in your life?  I challenge you to take stock and set to work on clearing them out.

I think we all can benefit from a little weeding.


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