Worth Much More (Encouragement for Moms, Part 1 of 5)

Merriam-Webster defines worry in this way: “to think about problems or fears, to feel or show fear and concern because you think that something bad has happened or could happen”.

Oh yes. Worry. It’s a tough one.

Motherhood is full of things to worry about isn’t it?

We’d been home with Natalie for only a few days. It was late, she’d just finished nursing and fallen asleep all swaddled in my arms. I lay her down in the pack-n-play next to our bed. I was exhausted and happy to settle down to sleep myself.

And then she spit up. Everything she had just eaten. Everywhere. She started crying… and so did I.

What if she was sick? Was it something I’d eaten that made it happen? Now she would be hungry again and would I be able to feed her after I’d just finished nursing?

Looking back those worries seem kind of silly. She was perfectly fine. She nursed again and fell asleep and all was well. But in the moment… 

She’s older now but there’s still plenty to worry about, as there always will be. And while the specific things I worry over change as she grows, I’ve found that my worries consistently fall into two main categories: worries about myself as a mother, and worries about something bad happening to her.

Sometimes I think, well that’s just part of being a mom isn’t it? And yes, in my humanness and in the nature of this life it probably is. 

But at the same time I know that Jesus taught us not to worry – and that includes my motherhood worries.

Think about this… will I become a better mom by worrying? Does it change me in a positive way to spend time worrying about the decisions I make or the job I do as a mom? No.

And can I protect my daughter from the troubles and dangers of this world by worrying? Again the answer is no. My act of worrying won’t keep her from getting a skinned knee or a broken heart.

So as moms let’s remember today the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 6:26,

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?

birds of the air, worth much more, do not worry

Our heavenly Father holds us in His hands, and He holds our children too. He knows our needs, He sees our struggles, and He will care for us all along the way. He provides for the birds and He will provide for us.

We all – moms and children alike – are worth much more.

So when worries come, let’s bring them to the Lord in prayer instead of dwelling on them in our hearts and minds. Matthew 6:33 tells us, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Let’s remember our worth in His eyes and know that He wants us to lay down our worries to focus our hearts on Him. 



Series: Encouragement for Moms

Read: Matthew 6:25-34

Remember: Matthew 6:26

Reflect: Challenge yourself this week – take every worry that enters your mind and turn it into a prayer. Know that you, and your children, are worth much more in His eyes and He will take care of you.




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