The Best Rest

It’s been a while but I’m jumping in on another Five Minute Friday today. The word – rest -couldn’t be more perfect for today as it’s my last day of school for the year! So the timer is set to five minutes and here I go…

Summer vacation is just hours away. I sit at school, the halls quiet and empty, waiting for our faculty lunch and the early dismissal that’s sure to follow.

Then I’ll climb in my car, turn on the music, and drive away with a big smile on my face… hooray for summer! I certainly don’t take my teaching schedule for granted, these summer weeks at home are a gift.

It’s so easy to fill these weeks up. Already I see the calendar dotted with outings, picnics, parties, travelling plans. Already my mind is full of all the to do’s I want to accomplish, those things that are hard to keep up with during the rest of the year that I can finally tackle now.

And while all of that is good, it’s also so important to me that this summer has days that are unplanned.

Days to just blow bubbles or watch the tadpoles swim in the backyard.

Days to take a walk to the playground, color pictures, read books, imagine.

Maybe even a few nap times when Mommy lays in the hammock under the shade of the tree!

This is what I love about summer…to take each moment and fill it up, not necessarily with things to do or get done, but with the joy that comes in being together.

That’s the best rest.

IMG_2290 (1)

PS Now that school is finishing up, look for a post or two next week about the Summer Challenge. I am really excited about this and would love to have you join us!


14 thoughts on “The Best Rest

  1. Maxine says:

    Oh, that is a lovely summer “list”. We school through the summer, but at a much more relaxed pace and I am looking forward to seeing more about your summer challenge.
    Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbor at #36.


  2. Jenn Shehata says:

    My sister is a teacher and she totally feels the same! It’s our last day of school here too. Looking forward to trying to cultivate rest in a kid friendly way this summer with my kiddos. Visiting from FMF. 🙂


  3. Kimberly says:

    Megan: you said- “to just blow bubbles”. I love that! I’m a photographer and have been thinking and wondering about capturing bubbles in camera.

    I love your imagination too… coloring, etc. I love it! By the way, I’m checking out your Summer Challenge you mentioned.


  4. Katha von Dessien says:

    Cheers to a fellow teacher! These summer months are the best and we desperately need that rest. Use it well!
    I still have a few more weeks to go over here in Germany, but summer anticipation is building up, you can feel it in the teacher’s lounge! 🙂

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