Let the Little Children Come

I smiled, watching Natalie dance around the family room to an old Steve Green CD. I sang along, remembering the words of songs I had grown up listening to.

One song in particular stood out to me… the words of “Let the Little Children Come” stuck in my head and in my heart.

It’s a verse I know well. A scene from the Bible I’ve always liked – that picture of Jesus welcoming the children to His side, God incarnate laying His hands on the little ones that were brought before Him.

But it hit me with new strength and beauty as I thought about my own little one.

I picture Jesus reaching out and laying His hand upon her soft head, as I so often do, welcoming her and loving her, calling her to Himself.

As a mother I have many hopes and dreams for Natalie, but more than anything else I pray for her to know Him. To come to know Jesus personally from a young age and grow up with a faith of her own, not just because it’s something she sees in her parents but because she has a true and lasting belief herself.

So as the words of that song turned over and over in my head, the idea for the Family Summer Bible Challenge was born. A way to spend our summer digging into some great biblical truths together… a way for her to get to know Him better.

FSBchallenge header

I am super excited about doing this as a family ourselves but am really hoping this is an opportunity that other families with young kids will join in as well. If you’re interested in coming along with us on this challenge, here’s a little bit about what to expect…

Every week will feature a different Bible lesson from the Old Testament. I’ll give the full passages for each but I recommend using an age appropriate source as necessary since some of them might be a bit long depending on the age of your kids.

You’ll also find important points to focus on together and activities that tie in to the lesson. These are made to be fun things to do as a family, but more importantly they are ways to help make the lesson stick in the minds and hearts of your little ones.

The Family Summer Bible Challenge starts July 11th and will last for 8 weeks, with new posts every Monday. There are a couple free resources at the bottom of this page that you can use to help along the way. Just click the links below to print a calendar and the theme verse!

I’m praying God uses this challenge in our family – and others – to draw His precious little ones to Himself. I hope you’ll join us!


Challenge Printable Calendar

Little Children Verse Printable


You can access all the blog posts related to this study through the links below:


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