Summer Challenge 7: Fiery Furnace

Week 7: Fiery Furnace

Read: Daniel 3


Sometimes following God and standing up for what we believe means standing alone when everyone else is doing something different. But we are never really alone because God is always with us.

We serve a powerful God! He is the only one who deserves our worship.

Make it Stick:

Campfire Night: As summer is winding down the nights are getting a bit cooler (at least around here!). If you have a spot that allows for it, have a campfire together as a family. you could even read the account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego as you sit fireside!

Hand Print Fire Craft: “Build” a fire using your little one’s hands.

Natalie is a big fan of painting lately so we did ours with paint. Messy but fun!


I drew in some “logs” at the bottom and added a reminder from our lesson for the week at the top…


If you want to avoid the mess of paint, another option is to trace your little one’s hand and cut out several of them. You could use yellow paper or color them. Then glue or tape them together on another blank page in a cluster to look like the flames of a fire.

Pray: Thank God that He never leaves us.


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