Summer Challenge 6: Jonah and the Great Fish

I have to share this story because it melted my heart today and reminded me of why I wanted to try this summer challenge in the first place…

Before her nap today Natalie picked out the books she wanted to read. A couple picture books were named first, then she said, “and how about some Bible stories?”

She went on to request the “ocean one” (parting the Red Sea) so we started there. We read for a while, her face lighting up when we got to Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

The lessons are sticking with her… not only because we’re reading them but also because we talk about them and reinforce them with activities.

I am so thankful for these opportunities to read and talk about the Word with her! I hope this challenge has provided some great opportunities for your family as well.

Week 6: Jonah and the Great Fish

Read: Jonah 1-2


It is important that we obey God. When we do not obey, God is disappointed, but He still loves us and forgives us when we ask Him to.

God listens when we pray.

Make it Stick:

Make your own “great fish” with a mouth that opens wide! You can use the printable version with a pre-drawn fish (included below) or draw your own. You’ll need paper and something to draw/color with.

If you use the printed version, simply follow these steps to fold it. If you’re drawing your own fish, you should still follow these folding steps, but I suggest drawing the fish at the end to make sure it fits correctly scale when open and closed.

Holding the paper vertical, fold it in half so that the fish is inside.


With the page still folded shut, make a second fold on the bottom half.

Now you should have a small close-mouthed fish on the front, but when you open the page again…


… watch out for that great big mouth!

The drawing of the fish/folding of the page is a grown-up job, but once completed your kiddos can decorate and color the fish as they would like and have fun opening and closing his mouth.

For the printable fish click here: Fish Craft

Pray: Ask God to help us obey.


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