Go Into All the World

We’ve come to the last installment of our Little Disciples series! Over the past months we’ve learned a lot about God, His Word, and His plans for us. This month we’ll take all that we’ve learned and follow the instructions Jesus gave in Mark 16:15 to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

As in the past, we’ll be using the “RAMP up” method with prompts to read, apply, make it stick, and pray, as well as weekly memory verses in an easy to print and cut format. This month your kids can dress a favorite stuffed animal in the armor of God, decorate a reminder to be unashamed of the gospel, build an edible house on the rock, and go fishing (with cards from the comfort of home or with a rod by the water!).

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the study and that this month will be an especially applicable ending as we strive to prepare our children to go out into this world as little disciples. You can click the link below to download “Go Into All The World”. Thanks so much for joining us!


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