Faith Like Abraham (Hebrews 11 Series, Part 2 of 4)

Read: Hebrews 11:7-12, 17-19

What do you think of when you hear the name Abraham?

Maybe the way he was called by God and given a promise that he would be a father of nations? Or perhaps the fact that he became a father to Isaac at the age of 100?

Maybe the words of the old song “Father Abraham had many sons…” is the first thing to pop in your head (and if it wasn’t, maybe it’s in there now!)

One of the first thoughts I have when I think of Abraham is about when God told him to sacrifice his son (Genesis 22:1-18). The faith and obedience he had in response is amazing.

I love these words that Abraham speaks to Isaac as they walk to the mountain together, “…God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son…” (Gen 22:8). Wow.

Last week I wrote about the way faith is shown in actions. Several of Abraham’s actions are recounted in this chapter and all of them show his faith and obedience despite things that, humanly speaking, seemed difficult or near impossible to accomplish or understand.

He went out to a place “not knowing where he was going” (Heb 11:8).

He “lived as an alien” in a foreign land (Heb 11:9).

He and his wife conceived a child “even beyond the proper time of life” (Heb 11:11).

He “offered up Isaac… his only begotten son” (Heb 11:17) and “considered that God is able to raise people even from the dead” (Heb 11:19).

In each of these actions we can see Abraham willingly following God’s lead in the face of uncertainties and unknowns. He didn’t just say he had faith, he lived his faith through obedient actions.

Abraham wasn’t perfect (we’ll talk more about that idea next week!) but he is certainly an example of faith that is worth remembering.

Reflect: Are you willing to step out in faith even if you don’t know the end result? Do you trust that God will provide if you do? Is there a specific area in your life where you feel God’s call but struggle to move forward in faith? Pray for God’s strength and peace to guide you in this.




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