Summer Challenge 3: Moses Parts the Red Sea

Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far! Hope you’ve been enjoying it! Here’s week 3…

Week 3: Moses Parts the Red Sea

Read: Exodus 14


What do you think it must have looked like to see the sea parted? How do you think you would feel if you were there with the Israelites?

Sometimes we experience things in life that seem hard or even impossible and sometimes we feel afraid. But God is always with us and He will make a way for us. The Lord will fight for you! (vs. 14)  God takes care of His children.

Make it Stick:

Edible Red Sea: Make a tasty treat together and decorate it to remind you of the miracle God did when He parted the Red Sea.

Our choice was Rice Krispie treats with blue frosting, but you could make cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. For a non-baking alternative you could use blue jello.

You will need: ingredients for your treat, blue frosting

Bake your treat of choice. If your little helper is like mine and loves to bake, enlist her help!


Decorate your treat with blue frosting. Put a little frosting on both sides to look like the water but leave a strip clear in the middle to represent the dry land that the Israelites walked through.


Then eat up! Yum!


Pray: Thank God that He will make a way for us, even when we feel afraid.

PS As a heads up, one of the activities next week will use empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, so if you end up with any of those in the coming days, hang onto them!


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