Summer Challenge 4: Joshua at Jericho

Already at the halfway point! How’s it going? I hope you’ve had some good family moments together sharing in the Word and having some fun too.

Week 4: Joshua at Jericho

Read: Joshua 6


Joshua and the Israelites followed God’s instructions in the battle. They were obedient even though the idea of marching around a city probably seem like a strange way to fight! It is important that we obey God and have faith that He will follow through.

Similarly to last week (Moses and the Red Sea) this shows us again how God provides and takes care of His people. He keeps His promises!

Make it Stick:

Jericho Blocks: Build a wall or tower (or whatever creative type of structure your kids like!) out of blocks and see how high and strong you can make it before it falls down.

Jericho March: Reenact the Battle of Jericho with a march of your own!

You will need: paper towel or toilet paper rolls, crayons/markers, other decorative options (like stickers) if desired.

Before your begin your march, you’ll need to make some “trumpets” that you can blow on the 7th round. Let your kids decorate paper towel or toilet paper rolls however they would like.

Pick a spot for your march. Depending on your space, your kids age (and energy level!), weather, etc. this could be outside (such as around a big tree in your yard or even around the house) or inside.

Remind your kids of the instructions God gave – 6 times around in silence, but on the 7th time you will blow your trumpets and shout. Then…. forward march! For added drama, fall to the ground after the 7th time around.


Pray: Thank God that He keeps His promises


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