The Best Book Ever

We’re starting a new school year at our house this week and we’re also kicking off our new series of Bible studies as a family. I’m so excited to share these studies with you too!

Last week I introduced this series, which I’m calling Little Disciples, as something that was born out of my own desire to train my children up to be strong in their faith, able go out into this dark world with the light of Christ.

I’m really looking forward to working through these studies with our girls and I would love to have you join us. Here’s what to expect, both this month and in the months to come…

This series will last through our school year, which is September to June. You can expect a new study to be published on the first Monday of each month, containing four lessons focused on the theme for that month. We’ll be doing one lesson per week. I encourage this approach as it gives time to work on each lesson and memory verse and keep the theme going throughout the month, but of course you can adapt as needed for your family.

This month we’re learning about “The Best Book Ever” – the Bible. We’re starting here because it’s the foundation that we need to keep using for everything else we learn.

Each lesson features four parts – Read, Apply, Make it Stick, and Prayer – a way to “RAMP up” your children’s learning. Check out the resources page for more about this method. We’ll also have a memory verse to work on throughout the week and some bonus activities if you’re looking for further reinforcement.

This month you can look forward to exploring why the Bible is trustworthy and how we can use it in our walk with Christ. You can also look forward to glow stick lanterns and nature Bible bookmarks… and more!

The PDF file for this month’s study is available to download using the link below – The Best Book Ever. Please feel free to share it with anyone who would enjoy making this part of their family’s journey with the Lord.

All studies will be posted in the general blog section, but you can also access them easily by clicking “For Families” in the drop down Resources menu. Look for next months study on Monday, October 5th, when we’ll dive into “God’s Great Story”.

As parents we have the incredible responsibility and privilege to train up our children in the way they should go. Let’s help them build a strong foundation so they will never depart from their faith in God. Let’s prepare them to go out into this world as Little Disciples for Him!


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