God’s Great Story

We’re ready to dive into another month of our Little Disciples Bible study series and I’m excited to share this one – God’s Great Story – with everyone who would like to join us!

Our family had a great time last month focusing on The Best Book Ever – the Bible. I have to share one story in particular that was so encouraging and special to me.

For the first week our memory verse was 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which is a pretty long one with some complicated words in it. We stuck it up on the bathroom mirror and practiced each night as we brushed teeth. I was going to be happy if Hope simply said ” All Scripture is inspired by God” and left it at that, but she learned the whole thing!

Her adorable little voice and funny pronunciation were enough to put a huge smile on my face, but the joy I felt in listening to her went so much deeper.

One of the main reasons I started this study with our girls, and why I am sharing it here, is that I feel we need to “raise the bar” for our kids when it comes to the Word and their faith. We need to expect big things from them because, when given the chance, they will rise to the occasion. They’re going to need a firm foundation to take a stand in this world and there is no reason to wait until they’re older to start building that foundation.

Does Hope understand everything she memorized in those verses? No. Does she even know what all the words themselves mean? No. But she’s starting, before she is even three, to learn the Word of God and hide it in her heart. She’s watching us learn it and memorize it and she is joining in because she likes to follow what her big sister and parents do.

Someday she will know the definitions of those words. Someday she will understand the meaning of those verses. Someday she will learn it not just to follow us but for herself, to build her own relationship with God.

And I pray that the work we do as parents now will train our children up, not only to be strong “Little Disciples” but to be committed to God for the rest of their lives.

This month we’ll look at God’s Great Story, taking a big picture overview of God’s plan for this world from beginning to end. We’ll see how God’s perfect creation was impacted by sin, how God’s plan of redemption was fulfilled through Christ, and the hope of heaven we can look forward to if we put our faith in Him.

Just like last month, we’ll be using the “RAMP up” method with prompts to read, apply, make it stick, and pray. You’ll also find memory verses for each week and a bonus activity that spans the month if you’re looking for additional reinforcement.

I hope you’ll join us! Click the link below to download the PDF for God’s Great Story and let’s keep training our Little Disciples!

PS Check back on November 2nd for our next study – Prayer Detectives – discovering the 5 W’s and an H of Prayer!


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